What do you mean you don’t own a mushroom terrarium necklace? I thought everyone had a mushroom terrarium necklace in their collection. Not sure why this is a thing? It’s cottagecore, my friend, and it’ll have you pressing flowers and pouring resin at Primm Paper on Pip’s Corner.

Mushrooms. Yup. Mushrooms.

mushroom terrarium necklace

Farmcore, countycore, it’s about long, loosely flowing dresses, dreamy walks among wildflowers and farm animals. Oh! And a clothesline to hang vintage kitchen towels. (Because why not.)

Check out these nifty little mushroom terrarium earrings. Complete DIY tutorial by jesca.her on TikTok.

Mushroom Terrarium Earrings

Can you imagine this in the Village of Primm? Perhaps, in the Quiet behind the shops on the Lawn?

Between books, life in the Village of Primm continues.

If you lived in the village, imagine attending a class with owner Katie at Primm Paper on Pip’s Corner.

resin jewelry classes

Press dried flowers into pendants at Primm Paper on Pip’s Corner
Supplies included. Cost: $12

Photos in the above graphic are credited to Brit + Co’s terrific tutorial on resin jewelry. (Speaking of Brit + Co . . . check THIS out! Holly Banks chillin’ between Rupi Kaur and David Sedaris with a “For the Perfectionist” notation above the book cover.)


If cottagecore sounds like a simple life lived in the country—it isn’t simple. But it is romantic. I imagine Holly might be charmed by this aesthetic. That is—until something else catches her eye. Her daughter, Ella, would most definitely love cottagecore. She’d love the tiny mushrooms, farm animals, and pressed flowers.

Think mason jars, tiny objects, fungi.

Some say it’s the new Hygge.

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