The sweetest thing just happened! Social media influencer, bookstagrammer, and booktuber extraordinaire Vanessa Vicente of @veereads_ on Instagram just shared a series of Instagram stories in which she highlighted female characters from novels she has read that spoke to her and came to mind for her on this very important day, International Women’s Day 2021.

Below is the story Vanessa shared honoring Holly Banks as an “everyday” woman balancing family, career, and trying to have fun in it all.

Photo of an Instagram story in which Holly Banks (a fictional character in the Village of Primm series) is featured by influencer Vanessa Vicente on International Women's Day as a character who represents "everyday" women

Below is a sampling of three of the Instagram stories Vanessa created – that I then recycled into stories on my Instagram page – to thank Vanessa and to celebrate and honor this day where the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women are celebrated worldwide.

Why I’m sharing this . . .

To think someone thought of Holly Banks as representative of “everyday” women warms my heart so much. The contributions of women like my main character, Holly Banks, though not visible on the “global stage” while they’re balancing work and family life with carpooling kids and changing diapers and folding laundry and volunteering in the schools and helping with homework and running charity events should be recognized and celebrated alongside women who are making different, more “visible” kinds of contributions the world over.

All contributions made by women are meaningful. From the highly visible, vocal, and world-changing achievements – to the smaller, “quieter” contributions women make every day.

So cheers to the “everyday” women Vanessa was so right to highlight on this day.

I am humbled and grateful she chose Holly as her example.