Snazzy word, I know. “Shacket!”

Tracing its roots to military styling, the shacket is a shirt (typically a button-down, sometimes zippered) that’s too heavyweight to be a shirt and too lightweight to be a jacket. Hence the name: shacket. Perfect for layering, and oh, so practical, the shacket is making its way across womenswear and menswear this fall.

Most typically worn as a solid color button-down with one or two outer breast pockets, the shacket can be worn with jeans, skirts, and over dresses.

Wear it open.
Wear it closed.
Pair it with a tank top or neckerchief.

Because it often borrows from military styling through its use of outer pockets, sturdy stitching—and, less often, but certainly present in the market—metal buttons and rivets, assume you’ll find shackets in the classic neutral color palette of camo green, navy, and khaki, but be open to fresh interpretations like printed shackets and shackets in trending colors.

Trending colors?

Think lemon verbena, biscay green, and even that Pantone 2019 Color of the Year I wrote about in my June author newsletter: living coral.

Want to see living coral in action? Take a peek at my “Living Coral: Pantone’s Color of the Year 2019” board on Pinterest. Or, read this blog post where I write about living coral in greater length. Also in that blog post, you’ll find links to two earlier trend-spotting posts I wrote on Facebook.

Shackets perform best in blustery October weather when temperatures are unpredictable and fluctuate throughout the day. But they’re also good for nights out on the town when you’re chilled walking outside, but perhaps too warm once you’ve entered the bar or restaurant. In those cases, wear a tank beneath so you can unbutton.

Stylish, versatile. In my book? Shackets are functional which makes them good investments.